she TRI.BE

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Fierce. Be Feisty. Together.

The SHE TRI.BE Tri Club was created to educate, empower and help women achieve their triathlon goals, and help minimize the barriers of entry into the sport. That's just a fancy way of saying whatever obstacle that is sitting in front of you — be it fear, budget, or otherwise — preventing you from starting to TRI, we'll work with you to ninja strike those away.

We believe that a little magic happens when a circle of women come together to raise each other up. The SHE TRI.BE is here to support you through every splash, spin, and step of the way. With us, you won't just swim, bike, and run. You'll swim, bike, run, laugh, connect, dream big, and work hard through one of the most fulfilling + supportive training cycles you've ever experienced.

Whether you're just starting out, or looking to perfect your skills, we offer a training environment where athletes of all abilities and backgrounds can thrive together. We train, compete and celebrate our accomplishments TOGETHER.