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a perfect day

The past month has been extremely hard on my family. Tim and I saw each other for maybe 78 hours during the entire month. He's currently working a month-long rotation up at the hospital in Ft. Hood, and in May he'll do the same. Lucky for me I've planned a couple of trips for Juniper and I so we'll be extremely distracted. (Have I told you yet about our month-long trip to South Korea? We're completely excited! And will be writing all sorts of stories, and posting all sorts of pics, and videos about the art & culture, the food and the shopping. Also, I'll be reuniting with my mother's half of the family for the first time since I was like... seven. And Juniper will be meeting her great-grandmother and great aunts & uncles for the very first time. Also, I'm totally considering gulping down one of those live baby squids... stay tuned to see if I dare!) But what I want to write this post about is the amazingly perfect day that we had yesterday! I don't know why it's taken me three years to discover this place, but I'm glad we did! Check it.

That's me - a very pregnant mama - on a paddle board! We are on Austin's Town Lake which has some amazing views of the city & of nature (a little turtle swam right under my board and we paddled up close to two beautiful white swans). Tim and Juniper shared a two-person kayak - which was just perfect. It was little Juni's first time on a kayak and she ATE. IT. UP!

And just how does one end a glorious day of paddling on Town Lake? Beverages and grub at one of the many al fresco dining establishments on Barton Springs Rd. We chose Shady Grove - appropriately named, as we sat amongst a grove of old oak, shaded by their thick, arthritic branches (and strategically placed umbrellas). I highly recommend this place both for its perfect al fresco atmosphere AND for its food! We ordered the green chile burger with a side of green chile cheese fries, the award-winning hippie sandwich, the PB&J with a side of fruit, and the waiter's favorite chicken fried chicken topped with pepper jack and their famous green chile sauce with a side of mashers and grilled asparagus. We devoured it all and licked our fingers clean!

It was one of those days where you find yourself with good company, the weather is perfect, and after all of the fun-having, you sit down to some good eats and you leave feeling immensely satisfied with life.

It's a feeling that will have to carry us for a while because Tim and I won't see each other at all until June 15th!


If you're in Austin/San Antonio evirons, consider renting a kayak/paddle board and take a cruise around Town Lake. It's immensely fun and you won't regret it. Unless it rains. But that actually might be fun, too. We rented from the Rowing Dock, and will definitely be back!