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Found: Inspiration


Just recently I have been inspired by an old friend from my high school days. I haven’t seen her or spoken to her in something like… over 10 years. She started a mommy blog, Plus.Lily.Makes.Three, sometime last year and has had some success with it. A choreographer, dancer and all around artist, she lives in New York City and is living the life many girls dream of! Said inspiration came in the form of her blog, discovered through a short chat on the platform of the social media god, Facebook, which served as a catalyst for the recent mini-reconnect.

The whole thing was quite coincidental. Not even a month ago, I decided to recommit to my blog. I have this huge idea in my head of what I’d like it to be. The trouble for me is making it come to fruition. I’ve always had such trouble trying to figure out content for my blog—not for lack of interesting things to write about… because I have o so, SO, much stuff (thoughts, opinions, musings… random things, ideas, projects) floating around in my head. But because I suffer from this outrageous need for things to be perfectly executed at the time of execution—there’s no room for a not-perfect post. Ergo: no post.

I’m completely over that (obviously). Well. Not completely, but I am working on it. I’ve committed to not worrying about creating the perfect blog, but instead, making it mine. The more random things I write about, the more disorganized and scatterbrained my content might be, the more real it is—the more the blog is a reflection of myself.

Internet, universe, or more accurately, the two people who sometimes read my blog (hi, mom. hi, dad.): I hope you enjoy what is to come…