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One WORD Resolution.

This post is inspired by a comment that I made on the BlogHer Life Well Lived post that I came across earlier today.

A friend of mine recently told me that instead of coming up with new year resolutions that, for her, are inevitably forgotten (which then results in a feeling of failure at the end of the year), she picks a word (or phrase) to live by during the year. Her word for last year was "still". Which meant that she was able to focus on... wait for it...

being still. (♫ I'm too sexy for my words ♫)

She said that it worked wonderfully and that it gave her the freedom to say "no" when she needed to so that she could take the time to be still & present with her family.

I thought it was such a great idea, I'm doing the same this year. My word/phrase is to: act from LOVE.

It's hard. I've already failed miserably.

MISERABLY. (This is where I hint to, but refrain from disclosing my huge slip up yesterday).

But the good news is that I'm conscious of my actions and am making an effort to right the wrong - which means there's hope for me yet.  {wink}

Aside from acting from LOVE, I plan on Living several Well Lived Moments of 2012: attending the Sundance Film Festival later this month; completing an Ironman 70.3 in April; traveling to Korea for a month with my 3 year old daughter to meet her great grandmother & all of her extended family living there; popping out a healthy beautiful new baby some time in September; and completing the book that I've been writing for the past two years.

What about you? What do you think about a word or phrase to focus on as opposed to resolutions? What is your word or phrase? And/or what is/are your resolution(s)? I'd love to hear about them. (I enjoy putting some of mine out there for a sense of, albeit virtual, accountability.)

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