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business cards that rock

I tend to go through periods of idleness followed by periods of workaholic frenzy. And when I say idleness, I really mean time away from the computer, doing non-computery stuff. Like reading. And cuddling. And talking long walks. And smelling roses. It's the way that I've learned to balance my life. Right now, I'm living on the intersection of the two periods - morphing out of my idle stage and back into my workaholic frenzy stage. In just two weeks, I'll be in Miami, Florida for Mom 2.012. I am beyond excited. This conference has been on my bloggie bucket list for several years now and I am thrilled - beyond thrilled - that I'm able to be there this year.

One of the many benefits of attending this oh-so-rad event is the pre-conference virtual learning sessions. Yup. Last week's virtual learning session was on business cards - How to Win at Business Cards to be specific. The session was facilitated by the wise Laurie Smithwick and in a nutshell, this is what she advised:

1) They need to be relevant - it's not just about your contact info, but should also serve as a conversation starter. Remember: People are visual.

2) Inevitably, business cards exchanged at social media events will end up in the trash. The goal is to make a memorable impression. To get that person to give your card a second look before they trash it.

3) What makes a card memorable? 1) killer design 2) unusual shapes/sizes 3) clever materials 4) savvy colors


Interestingly, I'd just re-designed my business cards a few weeks ago. So while she was going through her session, I was making mental check marks, and luckily, I think I covered all the bases. I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks when I rise to Laurie's challenge and introduce myself to her with my newly designed business card. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. And I plan to write a post conference blog post on all the rad business cards that I collect while I'm there.

And just because stuff like what I carry my business cards in is as important to me as the business cards themselves, I splurged on one of these: