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I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Peas

Morning Coffee by Caryn Cast, originally uploaded by flutiemcd.

That girl is me. That coffee is not just any coffee, it's a Black Eye (a cup of american style drip coffee + a double-shot of espresso). And on any given day that snake can represent any number of things.

The story behind Morning Coffee is the suffocating reality that hits you in the morning when life hands you a lemon. For Caryn, the lemon was a rocky relationship. For me, the lemon, as I mentioned above, is one of any number of things. Namely, finding the perfect juxtaposition of motherhood and ME. Which is why I like my coffee like I like my peas.


A real artist, with true talent, Caryn Cast lives in New York, New York and is living a dream. She grew up in Florida and was schooled in music. When she found herself bored out of her mind while working for a record label in Nashville, she picked up some pastels and started drawing. Her art dances along the border between realism and surrealism. I asked Caryn where she derives her inspiration, her reply: personal experience. You can find her art on her website or her Etsy shoppe. This is her business card.