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The World Is Your Oyster

Exactly one year ago today my mother offered to pay me the cost of the trip to Greece for me to change my mind and not go. But this only strengthened my resolve. I was on a quest to prove to the world, and to my self, that one’s life, or more specifically one’s ability to simply get up and go on an adventure—even half way around the world—does not have to change just because of a little baby.

I was 31 when I gave birth to our little maguai and not at all ready to succumb to the stereotypical world of motherhood—a life dressed in, depending on your style, anything from Dress Barn to J.Jill. I didn’t want baby contraptions littering my modernly designed home and I certainly did not want to be shackled to the neighborhood, with play dates as my only getaway.

 So I went on a little trip. With June. To Greece.


It was, by far, the best thing I could’ve done for myself at the time.

I learned that it is possible to plan an impromptu trip to Europe, with a baby, in a few short weeks. I learned that it isn’t hard to do so.

All you need is: of these for you & your kid (and you may need one of these)

2.a letter signed by your spouse stating that it’s okay that you travel out of country with your kid of these or one of these, depending on the size/weight of your kid

4.this or this (remember any food and/or liquid can be taken through TSA (airport security) if it is for your kid.

5.this (notice it is a slow-flow nipple). It is important that your child be sucking (if not this, than one of these) on descent of the plane (usually 30 minutes from landing).

6.If you so choose, you can register your travel with the State Department—wise to do in this day & age… in case there is an emergency (natural or terrorist) at your destination, the U.S. government will know you are there.

7.Efficiency. If you’re not efficient practice at home so that you’ll be efficient at the airport. (will help achieve #10)

8.A plan, and share it. Write down which hotel you’ll be at it’s contact information & your itinerary for your spouse.

9.An international cell phone. (you can rent one here or through your wireless provider at a reasonable cost, but learn from my mistake and be sure to know how to use it before you leave)

10.A confident chillax-ness. It sounds silly, but when we act confident & relaxed, our kids, the sensory reactors that they are, will also be confident & relaxed.

Finally, and more importantly, I learned that that motherhood stereotype that was implanted in my brain was founded on ignorance. There are other women out there who have the gumption, chutzpa, moxie to travel to all kinds of places with their kids—who successfully juxtapose these and these into one lifestyle.

It’s all about how you define yourself. Never mind what other people think—don’t pay attention to some one else’s definition of “mother.” Come up with your own. And never, ever, be apprehensive about doing something because you have a kid!

I owe much of the success of this trip to one incredibly chillax kid and to two other mommies with the audacity to break the old mommy-mold…

Jeanette & Yas: Cheers! to the one-year anniversary of our debut as bad-ass-adventure-muthas!