Four days into winter storm Helena and the magic has worn away. Last Friday we were all running around doing last minute grocery-getting before "the big storm" arrived. Because when you live just a hair north of the 36th parallel you get annual snow, but the city lacks resources to keep the roads open. So what may seem like a regular day in Buffalo, is an EVENT in Norfolk. Hence the running around for supplies that will carry you through the next 4 days.

The snow arrived early Saturday morning and fell for the entire 24 hours. We geared up and spent all day out in the white fluff. A lot of our neighbors joined us. We built a mini sled hill on our steps and the little ramp at the bottom that was built to keep the kids from sledding into the street ended up acting more like the ramp it was than the barrier it was meant to be. The kids loved it as they were launched millimeters into the air (just enough to be awesome, but not terrifying), popping right over the ramp/barrier and landing soundly on the road.

Eventually the booze came out and and crepe myrtle on the corner of our driveway transformed itself into a bar. We were out there all day. The kids going down that hill over and over. And the adults circling themselves around the fire pit, drinking and being merry. I love my 'hood.

The first day.

On Sunday the snow had stopped falling, the temperature dropped and the winds came. Some crazy people (TJ + the kids + sundry neighbors) braved the bitter cold for some snowy thrills on the hills of the Lambert's Pointe golf course. We got the call that announced what we already knew — no school, no work on Monday.

The second day.

I awoke on Monday to the sound of a foot of icy snow sliding off my roof and crashing into shards on my driveway. I'm fairly certain that if anyone were standing there at that inopportune time, they'd be gone. We got the call that there'd be no school tomorrow either. The temperature warmed up a little, just enough to allow TJ and the kids to convince me to join them for sledding on the golf course. The best part was the sun shining its glorious beams onto all of creation.

The third day.

Today, Teej headed off to work while the kids and myself are getting all cabin-feverish. And we just got the call that there will be no school tomorrow... and thus a poem is born:

On the fourth day of Helena
my true love gave to me...
two kids watching movies,
many icicles dripping,
another day of no school,
and an endless cup of red wine for me!

The fourth day.