Weak Two

Week 2 workout:

25 Monday: Plyo
26 Tuesday: 2 mile run
27 Wednesday: 1 hr spin
28 Thursday: no excuse
29 Friday: no excuse
30 Saturday: I bailed on my running partner (I owe her big time)
31 Sunday: 5 mile run

Total miles = 7 miles + 1 hr spin

Meh. I remember that run on Tuesday being difficult. I felt sluggish and out of breath and slow. And the whole thing felt laborious. I was glad for it to be over. The other thing I noticed, more after the fact than during, was that my left hamstring started complaining again. I mean, I've only been fairly sedentary since I pulled the darn thing almost two years ago, so I guess it has a valid point... suddenly running 3 miles, followed by another 2 and then, what, you want me to run FIVE? I get it. And I hear you. I'm going to be extra careful to treat you fairly, because I do not want to get injured again!

The spin class was awesome. I was a little nervous the class was an hour long, especially when I felt like I was dying just 20 minutes in. But I hammered through and really had a great workout. The 5 miler today was aight. I stopped at the end of each mile — not for too long, just enough to stretch out my legs, keep them real. I felt like I needed to be kind to my legs. I realize that I'm demanding a lot out of my body right now and I'm doing my best to keep from injuring myself as I do all that demanding. Because I would be devastated if I got injured again. So, though I'm taking a risk in rushing the front end of this training (so that I can do the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon mid-March), I'm also counter-balancing that with awareness, stretching, recovery... which I can only pray will work.

I've got a busy week ahead. The author event that I've been planning is on Tuesday and the kids are out of school on Thursday and Friday. Help me.