The Death of a Novel Idea

I'm stuck. For the past six months or so I have been working on a fictional story that I really thought could potentially get published, but recently I've hit a seemingly insurmountable wall. All of the words that had been swimming so freely around my little head have completely disappeared. The metaphorical plug has been pulled and I'm afraid I can't stop the funnel of creative juices from going down the drain.

Unbeknownst to me, I committed a major no-no. I broke a pretty important rule of thumb. Over and over again. Blindly. Naïvely. Until it brought me here, to this grotesquely sticky quagmire of death.

I told people about the story.

Apparently, "if you tell [people, family and trusted friends] the story, even in outline, you kill it." Who knew? Seems so unfair, right?

But it is true. Painfully true.

Noticing that my creative process was slowing down, and fearful that the engine might seize, I started greasing the wheels with some reading on writing. And I came across this rule of thumb warning much too late and on several occasions, and all I could do was hope that I'd be the exception to the rule. But I'm not so lucky.  Essentially, the idea behind this rule of thumb is that once the story leaves your thoughts and is made manifest, YOU DONE TOLD THE STORY and it no longer is a driving creative force determined to see the light of day... because, quite frankly, you've already given it a sneak peek.

And the worst part is, this makes complete sense to me.

So really, I'm beyond stuck. I'm cussed.