happy mothers day!

This Sunday is Mother's Day. And as beautiful as this day can be for many people - a day full of breakfast in bed, bouquets, long walks, and snuggling - for me, it's become just another one of those days where I like to buck the system. It just seems weird to me to celebrate my motherhood on one culturally mandated date. It's kind of like the whole Valentine's Day dilemma. Now, don't get me wrong. I appreciate that there's a Mother's Day at all. But I kinda feel like - motherhood (and fatherhood... PARENTHOOD, for that matter) - should be celebrated daily! But it isn't. Ironically, in our culture, motherhood, an experience that is so completely universal, can at times, make us feel so alone. We are constantly challenged by our family, friends, co-workers...  the media, to be MOM ENOUGH. And it can leave us feeling inadequate and guilt ridden. And why is it that we mothers are probably the worst culprits of pointing fingers and saying, you're doing it wrong?

Why do we (and I'm totally admitting guilt on my part, here) feel so comfortable judging the Jamie Lynn Grumets, the Octomoms, the Duggars, the Tiger moms... et al.? I realize that I've listed all the extreme cases that are used by the media to insight controversy. But when we judge them, we only make it that much easier to judge the not-so-extreme sisters in motherhood, our fellow diaper changers and swing-pushers. Our sisters in this beautiful yet simultaneously difficult journey.

Which is why this year? I'd like to reclaim Mother's Day, make a small grammatical change, and declare it a Mothers Day!

A day where we focus on, support and celebrate each other. Let's agree to take a moment to reach out to our fellow sisters in motherhood and tell them something encouraging and supportive, something we should tell them more often... something like, "you're doing a great job." Or, "you inspire me." Or, "you have some amazing kids!" An unexpected little note of support and solidarity.

In fact, I'll make it really easy to do... just click one of the e-cards below to send it to a mother you know and make her day! someecards.com - You Are Mom Enough! Happy Mothers Day

someecards.com - You are awesome! Happy Mothers Day

someecards.com - You inspire me! Happy Mothers Day

someecards.com - You've cultivated some great kids! Happy Mothers Day

Oh. And... Happy Mothers Day, y'all!