Life Well Lived: Getting Happy

I’ve always been a writer. I have diaries from when I was five! And I can remember when Sarah Minor and I wrote six page “notes” to each other in middle school. But the first time I ever wrote because I needed it was when I was in high school. Writing for me has always been cathartic, which allows me to live life a happier person. My journaling and writing have always been put on paper in random notebooks. I have a stack of them to prove it. To read them now is fairly hilarious. I was really boy crazy back then. And as I read these stories that are now so humorous and trivial, I try to remember the pain and angst that I felt while in the midst of those stories... which has taught me a very valuable lesson in life:

No matter how much you hurt now because of whatever situation that might be happening, you will survive it, and at some point in your life it will seem smaller. Much smaller.

Since my days in high school, a lot of things have changed. Especially in technology. What was once written on paper with a pen is now typed out on the computer. And in 2004, something magical happened.

I discovered the blog.

And boy was it a game changer! You mean I can write about whatever I want and people will read it? It was this writer’s dream! So I started blogging - which allowed for an all new kind of happy in my life: Attention. People were paying attention to me. (Yes, of course I’m a bit narcissistic. But aren’t we all?)

And as blogs are so wont to do, mine morphed -- evolved. Even my reason for blogging evolved. As the popularity for blogging grew, and kept growing (and keeps growing), I realized that blogging is not just about gaining superficial attention. It is a platform for your voice.

Isn’t that just beautiful? Everyone has a voice on the internet. (That makes me happy!) And though I get a lot of enjoyment out of sharing humorous (and not so humorous) personal stories, reviews, and tid-bits on culture, I get even more joy out of connecting with others who are of like-mind. Reading their stories, and connecting with them.

Being connected to the world through this giant web of on-line networks - reading about people’s stories, sharing mine, pledging to advocate for causes, working with people that you’d never dreamed of collaborating with, sharing knowledge within this gigantic, global brain that is the internet - has allowed me to understand the world a little better.

In fact, blogging, journaling, writing and connecting online hasn’t just made my life more enjoyable, it has changed me for the better.


I invite you all, my friends, to join the in conversation! How does blogging, journaling, writing and connecting online help to increase your happiness? I'd love to hear what you have to say - here or on the Life Well Lived post. While you're there, be sure to enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes.