fancy toes

I just got shellacked. Check out my fancy toes.

Shellac™ is the newest craze on the mani/pedi scene. It's supposed to last up to 14 days without losing shine or shimmer (so says my pedicurist at my favorite spot to Get Nailed).

I do notice that my pedicure is a lot more shiny than usual, but we'll see about the whole "won't scratch, smudge or chip" claim... if there's one thing I know, it's how to put a hurtin' on a pedicure! Getting shellacked will run you $20-25 in addition to the pedicure price. On whether or not it's worth the investment? I'll keep you posted.


[caption id="attachment_1094" align="aligncenter" width="458" caption="40 days after the initial shellac-ing"][/caption]