Train like a mutha

Week 10 already! Last weekend we all participated in the Tri Pearl, a sprint triathlon that finished at the historic Pearl Brewery. It was a lot of fun!

The Tri Pearl is the first urban race of its kind in downtown San Antonio. It consisted of a 400 meter swim, a 17 mile bike (chock-full of tight, downhill turns and speed bumps. millions of them), and a 3.3 mile run.

And I finished with a smile!

Looking back on the event, I am a little disappointed that I didn’t push myself a little harder (like, I probably should’ve pushed myself to actually run the two miles that I decided to walk), but overall, I’m very proud of this accomplishment.


This past Saturday we all drove up to Boerne Lake, Texas for our very first open-water swim.

We started the early morning with a 2 mile warm-up run. Then I biked 32 of the planned 37 mile bike ride through Texas hill country, when dizziness & mild heat stroke set in. I had to call for a pick-up. Not the highlight of my training. At all. I’m still slightly embarrassed about this. ALL of my teammates rode the complete 37. I am the only wimp in the group. MAJOR FAIL.

As the truck I was riding in pulled into the parking lot, the rest of the team was just getting back from their second 2 mile run and were getting into their swim gear.

So I swallowed the complete loser feeling I was feeling & joined them.

The water out at Boerne Lake felt great! Refreshing.

The kayak went out a small distance and I was all, “okay, this won’t be so bad.”

Then. We started swimming.

It was very claustrophobic-like. We were like a school of fish, flopping around, over & on top of each other trying to get to the metaphorical piece of cracker that the giants threw into our pond.

To top it all off, get this...
Lake water is not crystal-clear like pool water is. So I’m basically swimming blind.

The good news is we all make it back to shore alive. Then, coach has the kayak go out a bit further. Quite a distance, actually, but nothing in comparison to the 1500 meters that I’ll be expected to swim in a month’s time.

I’m not gonna lie. It was hard.

The sensation of waves and current, blindness and not knowing where the hell I’m swimming was fairly frustrating. I certainly swam at least the distance + just because of all the zig zags I made.

The good news here, again, is that we all survived. The bad news? This whole open-water gig is going to be another challenging hurdle to jump.


Have I told you why I’m doing all this? I’m trying to fund a cure for cancer. You can help me out here and/or if you live in San Antonio, here.