DIY: repurposed trash thing-a-ma-jig-tray

In an effort to be more like my mother and save a whole bunch of random junk in the off chance that one day I'd use them again green, I found a great piece of trash that could've been just one more article of waste piled up in our never-ending, mountainous land-fills... and, get this, y'all...

I saved it!

I saved it from the eternal damnation of non-biodegradable diaper hell.

And it miraculously reincarnated itself into the form of a thing-a-ma-jig tray. It is now living its second life on my grandfather's hand-me-down vintage dresser that is sitting mighty handsomely in my bedroom love den. [meow]

Want your very own thing-a-ma-jig tray?

Materials Needed: 1 junky wooden box (this is how I obtained mine) 1 can of spray paint (you can pick any color you like!)

Directions: spray paint the junky wooden box. preferably outdoors, in the grass somewhere so as not to make yellow marking all over your husband's brand-spankin'-newly-poured drive-way.