A Parade of Desks

A few weeks ago I saw this video about people's desks and got really inspired. So much so that I had this really fantastic inclination to write up a huge blog post about what desks mean to people.

It was one of those posts where, in my mind, it was gonna be really great. A lot of fun. You know. The kind one gets really excited about writing so one decides to bite her lip, reach out and make herself vulnerable and available to rejection...

I follow a lot of very funny, wise and just plain good people on Twitter. (I did that on purpose in hopes that some of their humor, wisdom and goodness would rub off on me . . .) So I thought it would be fun to get a glimpse of what their desks look like and what their desks mean to them.

That's where the bitten lip & vulnerability come in.

None of those people know me IRL (in real life). To them, I'm just some crazy lady in San Antonio who, out of the blue, asked them to participate in her silly shenanigans.

So when I messaged them about my wacky idea, imagine my surprise (and delight) when they all said, "YES!"

Did I mention how totally rad these people are? Because these people are so entirely rad!

 * * * * *

. . . and that's when I went on my week-long sebatical to the mountains of Colorado to go spy on some ghosts. And when I came home, I found that those creative juices that had been raging so strongly about desks? They had slowed to a mere trickle. (Desks, Kim? Seriously?)

What was it that I was going to write about again?


Does this happen to any one else? Or am I the lone moron out here? (That's more of a rhetorical inquiry than one that needs any comment.)


I've learned in my writing that I should never force anything. But I feel like I need to follow through on this one. Several really fantastic people decided that perhaps I wasn't so crazy afterall and they lended me a hand and I feel like I need to follow through.

So what once was going to be a really (in my mind) fantastic post about desks, has metamorphosed into this . . . parade of desks.

What does your desk mean to you?
I asked a couple of San Antonio locals whom I admire that very question and this is what they said:

It's "a place of refuge where I work and play & is painfully clutter free; most people abhor my lack of clutter." @ADSinTexas


Amy Sanchez is not a native to Texas, but got here as fast as she could. She's super passionate about San Antonio & loves to tweet about it & things hospitality related and more. She also writes a travel blog at http://www.sancheztravels.blogspot.com/



"My desk is a lazy bum. It watches me do all my work and barely holds my papers and stuff." @cocobrit


Brittani Pena is a technology obsessing, statistical loving, iPhone fixating, retro-acculturating, research embarking, Twitter tweeting, Facebook commenting, Latina. 



"My desk is my mission control - where I build web empires, track trends, watch conversations, and problem solve. I created the Institute of Perpetual Awesomeness and Center for Modern Badassery to remind me that what I do is, in fact, amazing." @ohmypuddin


Lauren Madrid is a blogger, social media nerd, and avid proponent of the serial comma. She likes pie. A lot. And she writes a yummy food (amongst other things) blog at http://ohmypuddin.wordpress.com/



"My desk is my ship and I am its captain. It may be the only thing I really have control over." @TUdean

Desk 002

David Tuttle is the Dean of Students at Trinity University and writes a wonderful blog entitled "The Dean's List" at http://trinitydean.blogspot.com/



"Because I have a laptop, just about anywhere (Starbucks, my couch, the car, a park bench) can be, and usually is, my desk. However, as much as I enjoy a nomadic work style, I still love my desk at home. It's an anchor, my little work sanctuary, where I can brainstorm, host conference calls or tweet when the mood strikes. But my desk can also be a distraction, as I'm sure anyone who works from home will tell you. It's tricky to turn off your office life when your desk constantly beckons you from across the house!" @colleenpence


Colleen Pence is a social media mentor; blogger; organizer of Tweetbabes; co-organizer of ActionCampSA & TweetCampSA; friend to nonprofits; Parrothead; and work at home mama. She writes wonderful pieces for MySa at http://voices.mysanantonio.com/colleenpence/



"In the moving mosaic that is my life, my desk is an oasis." @writeontime

Donna's Desk(2)

Donna Tuttle is a business journalist and mom x4. She finds that kindness & an appreciation of the absurd are life's handiest tools. Donna is the Co-founder TheBMPR.com and Co-organizer TEDxSA. She writes a beautifully written personal blog at http://djtuttle.wordpress.com/



. . . and finally, to answer my own question . . . what is my desk to me?

My desk is my escape. It's where I can go to reconnect with myself. Where I can hash out my woes and gain some perspective. 



. . . and thuss concludes my, not so much as creatively written as I wish it could've been, way to say "thank you!" to all of the beautiful San Antonio tweople (twitter people) who were so kind to indulge me with a portion of their time.

Really. Thank YOU!