Training Update: Week 2

I guess by now you're probably questioning my commitment to my training. I would be too if I visited my website and kept staring at the measly 6 miles on the Daily Mile tracker that I logged in my first week. The thing is, that tracker doesn't track all the time that I'm logging in the pool--which I can't seem to drag my body out of, by the way. Have I mentioned how much I HATE RUNNING?

To paint a little livelier picture of what I've been up to (re: training) I've added a cheesy little hamburger calculator that calculates how many hamburgers I've "earned" based on the number of calories that I've burned. (HA! That rhymes!)

A couple of days ago I invested in a bike seat for the girl. I'm so excited to get out onto the trail with her! Amazon notified me that my order was shipped today, which means we should be rolling in just a few short days.

With just a pinch of research I found that the San Antonio Missions National Park has a trail that runs along the San Antonio River and from Mission Concepción to Mission Espada. The plan is to work it into the daily routine, which has consisted of swimming & yoga at the Brought. We'll see. It's 16 miles long (RT) and I'm not sure how long that will take for me yet.

The other night I stayed up way beyond my bed time to plan out my path to the 70.3. This is what I do. I plan. And I plan. And I plan. When it comes to the actual doing?

It's tough to get me to do the do. Welcome to my struggle. I can't tell you how many times that I've planned and planned... but never DID. I'm so frustrated with myself. I seem to have no will power. Which is why, even though I'm not logging in too much, I am a little proud that I've been fairly consistent. That's a big step for me.

So as I start the third week of training, I'm hi-fiving myself for sticking with the plan for at least 2 weeks. Let's see if I make it through week numero tres.