Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Paula Cole crooned this question all over the radio something like 13 years ago, when there were still a considerable amount of Cowboys. Or so I thought. But maybe, in all her worldly wisdom, she noticed something happening to the men in the world that I hadn't yet comprehended. Who knows. All I know now is that 13 years later, I look at the men of our world and I think to myself, "Where have all the cowboys gone?"

I know a lot of you won't agree with me on this, especially because I see so many women my age swoon over these boys. But COME ON, ladies! Seriously. How many of us grew up dreaming of men who spend more time in the bathroom than we do? (And not because they're sitting on the throne reading the latest Mountain Man guide.) How many of us asked our fairy godmothers to please, pretty please, send some one who'd be more high-maintenance than we are?

Yesterday or maybe it was the day before. I don't know... some time this week, I was half listening to something on NPR when the guest said something about a "masculinity crisis." [er. er. er. er. --that's the sound that's supposed to cause the reader to envision some cartoon character cleaning out his ears because he just heard something that caused his ears to perk up.] And all of a sudden all of my thoughts concerning the noelogism: METROSEXUAL flooded my brain.

The guest suggested that we have this "masculinity crisis" because of the rate of divorce or the rate of fathers leaving their wives/significant others and the fact that mothers are raising the kids. Alone.

Of course because I was only half listening, I do not know the full context of such a statement, but I do find the statement somewhat agreeable in its independent form. If moms are raising their sons alone, then it makes sense that these boys grow up being as concerned with their hair, skin, clothes and figure as their mothers... resulting in today's 'metrosexual' or as I see it, today's non-cowboy. 

Not that there's any thing wrong with being a non-cowboy. Or crushing on one, or loving one or being married to one. We all know that it's what's on the inside that counts, right?

I'm just saying that, for me personally? I am so glad that I am not a single gal today because I really like my cowboys, er cowboy. Singular. And in a society where they seem to be endangered, I'm glad that I've already wrangled me mine (that's cowgirl speak for having already obtained one for myself). I just hope they don't become extinct--just in case the girl turns out to be like her mama.