Excuse Me, While I Go Peel Myself Off the Floor

The thing about Juniper going to school every Monday is that almost every Thursday, she gets a drippy nose or some other symptom of some bug that she caught while there. So I was not at all surprised when, this past Thursday, my little JP woke up crying with a drippy nose. The part I was not prepared for was 1) the fever and 2) the bottle of milk she puked up, all over me.

The thing about having a sick kid is that it sucks.

It sucks every day until one morning she wakes up, all better, and like an angel... and mommy wakes up with a fever and chills.

What's suckier than having a sick kid? Being sick, yourself with a healthy, full of energy kid who wants nothing more than to play with you while you all shaky and fevery and sweaty.